Learn Holochain

Learn Holochain

Holochain: What is it?

Holochain is a framework for building fully distributed peer-to-peer applications. Holochain is not a Blockchain simply because Blockchain use data-centric approach, on the contrary Holochain use a agent-centric approach. The Blockchain keeps the same identic ledger and it's shared by all the nodes of the network. Instead with Holochain each agent is maintaining its own data. Then Holochain use a distributed hash table (DHT) like BitTorrent or IPFS in order to share content and to ensure that these entries are always available even if some nodes are offline. Holochain adds distributed validation in order to manage the data and ensure that these data is good and the network is safe. Finally Holochain use a proof of service algorithm which is made by serving to others people the applications and deliver the corrects data. All of these attributes make Holochain scalable to infinity.

Holochain: How it works?

If your liked the overview above you should now go deeper and learn how Holochain works! We explained the different thing to know in order to have a clear vision of the way Holochain manage the decentralisation paradigm.

How it works!

Holochain: Roadmap

Check here all the important milestones planned by the Holochain team. You will see all the ongoing and all the milestones already achieved.

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Comparisons of Holochain

in order to figure out and highlight all the differences between Holochain and the others projects you will find here a complete comparison against all the others related paradigm linked to this project.

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News about Holochain

Here you have everything needed to keep you up to date with the latest news related to the Holo project. We publish monthly Holochain news and also community news. You will find all the interesting find on this page: photos, videos, links… Why not add it to your favorites?

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Holochain: Prediction

If you are interested by investing maybe you want what will happen in the future, discover here different prediction regarding the future of the Holochain framework and the price of Holo coin.

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Holo coin price (HOT)

If you're interested in investing, you'll also want to track the price of the Holo token (HOT) throughout the day. Is the price going up? is the price consolidating? Find here the real-time coin price on an advanced chart ideal for technical analysis.

Track the price in real time

Learn in video

Discover more about the project in video, we have selected many official videos like the explanation recorded by the founders Arthur Brock and Eric Harris-Braun. We also selected other documentaries and videos made by the community that presents the Holochain ecosystem!

Learn in video

Learn in audio

If you prefer to learn by listening, good news, the founders of Holochain have participated in several podcasts recognized in the tech industry. By listening to these podcasts you will be able to get an overview of the idea behind Holochain and why Holochain may well be a better alternative to blockchain.

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Holochain Partnership

Discover here all the important information regarding any potential or official partnerships with Holochain. For instance do you know that Holochain has already made a partnership with Promether and is currently discussing for a huge partnership with Mozilla.

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Holochain: Official links

Find here all the sources of official information of the project and discover more about this famous project, for example, do you know that Holo is the continuation of a long project led by Arthur Brock and Eric Harris-Braun called Metacurrency?

Official links

Holochain: Social networks

Find here the official social networks to follow the evolution of the project and thus be informed as soon as possible of the news around this revolutionary project!

Social networks

The best Blockchain projects

We hope you now understand better the project Holochain, if however this project doesn't interest you, please don't hesitate to discover other blockchains on the Afterbitcoin website, the site analyzes the next generation and the future best cryptocurrencies: Afterbitcoin.

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