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Updated roadmap end of 2023 beginning of 2024

On December 7, 2023 after AMA 55 the team updated these two roadmaps, one for the launch of the Holo hosting service and one for the development of the Holochain framework. The company also announced that all the development milestones of the Holo hosting service were completed during the year 2023 and that now for the next 4 months from January 2024 to April 2024 the network will operate in testnet mode similar to the testnet of blockchain networks or cryptocurrency will be the TestFuel without any value given that an IT security audit company is currently auditing the code and that the company Holo will continue to refine the service. As announced during AMA 55, the MainNet with the HoloFuel cryptocurrency should arrive in the second quarter of 2024, i.e. between April and July 2024.

Updated roadmap March 2022

While the various milestones of the Holo Host project roadmap are completed one after the other, the team published in March 2022 a roadmap for the development of the latest features of the Holochain framework, these features are necessary for the long-awaited launch of the Holo network with HoloFuel as the network's native cryptocurrency. From this month of March 2022 there are now officially two roadmaps, one for the Holochain framework and one for the Holo hosting service.

Updated roadmap October 2020

In October 2020 at Holo AMA # 43 the Holo team presented an updated version of their roadmap. We can see that the roadmap is divided into three phases: Inception, Infrastructure, Alpha / beta / feature review. We are now in the third phase which plans to develop the essential applications to finalize the autonomous decentralized network ecosystem. The applications to be developed are: Host Console and Publisher Portal in order to allow hosts to monitor their services and developers to publish and maintain their applications. This solid roadmap is promising, the team is very autonomous, fully decentralized and also an independent Holo community is still active which ensures a future for the project.

Holo project roadmap end 2020

Roadmap early 2020

  1. HP Admin for the HoloPort owners: As announced during the AMA n° 35, this will be available in February or March 2020.
  2. hApps for the regular internet users: As announced during the AMA n° 35, the first Holochain hApps like Hylo communities or the HoloFuel interface will be available in March 2020 a little bit after the opening of the HP Admin.
  3. Many others features are coming this year like the Wasmer to make the build time faster, the RAD to give to developers a simple command line to skaffold a new app or also the Autopilot or custom pricing to give the ability to the HoloPort owners to manage their preferences.

Holo project roadmap for 2020

Roadmap 2019

Below you can find the roadmap released the last year, we can notice that the team failed to deliver according to the planned roadmap. However the deadline were too short and because of the total rewrite of the Holochain framework using another strong typed and safe language like Rust we can understand the delay. Anybody can check the intensive work they are doing on Github and understand easily why the project is late to deliver. We must also take into account the complexity of the project which is far more complex compared to a traditionnal blockchain project.

  1. Holo Closed Alpha Testnet: This will be available in february 2019 only to Indiegogo alpha and beta backers.
  2. HoloPorts Ship: The devices will be shipped to all Indiegogo backers during the first quarter of 2019.
  3. Holo Open Alpha Testnet: This test version will be available to all purchasers of HoloPorts from Indiegogo.
  4. Holo Full Feature Testnet: This will be the released with a Testnet of Holo fuel.
  5. Holo Beta/Mainnet: This will be the official Mainnet and this is planned before the end of 2019.
  6. Holo Token/Fuel Swap: All the tokens (HOT) will be swapped at a rate of 1:1 shortly after Holo Beta release.

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