Build Holochain applications

Building a Holochain application

How to develop your Holochain hApp?

Holochain makes it easy to build decentralized application, also know as a hApp. So if you are interested to develop your own hApp you will find here all the information for. Indeed we are constantly gathering here all the best resources to help you develop on top of the Holochain framework.

Tools for developers

You will find below many tools built by the community in order to help the development on Holochain. HoloJs can be considered as a data connector allowing JS app to use Holochain as a data persistence layer. Zome Explorer is a tool for interacting with a running Holochain instance. Atom package is containing snippets for the Rust version of the Holochain development kit (rust-hdk).

Holochain framework Videos

Learn in video with Arthur Brock, Willem Olding or Jimmy Lipham!

Holochain Developer Events

Find here all the information gathered during all the Holochain events like Hackathons, DevCamps, Intensives...

Tutorials build on Holochain

Find here all the tutorials made in order to help developers to build on Holochain.

Holochain Links

Find here all the useful links to know for a developer. If you are new here please don't hesitate to take a look at each of these resources below and please feel free to join us on the chat to discuss about hApps development.