Use Holochain Apps

Use Holochain Apps


This is a secure non-profit messaging application similar to WhatsApp or Telegram but using the distributed, peer-to-peer technology provided by Holochain. Kizuna


This is a design pattern for building Holochain applications that can interacts using a generic reputation system. Neighbourhoods

Nitro League

This is a "play to earn" racing game upgraded with NFT features that allows user to keep control of their experience and collected items and trade it. Nitro League


This is a network for connecting and enabling value exchange between any kind of energy device, user or market. IOEN


This is an human-centered social network aimed to rebalance relationship with technology using distributed and a nonprofit approach. Junto


This is a blogging platform similar to Medium, WordPress, Ghost or Substack that allows to create and share stories and media but also accept payments or generate full websites. HummHive

Others Holochain Apps

Since the beginning the community showed a large interests on building decentralized applications. Here you will find more projects. Here you will find other projects using the Holochain framework as a platform.


RedGrid is building the internet of energy aimed to optimize energy assets, enable renewable integration and create a smart transaction grid. Discover more about RedGrid.


The World Bank has defined supply chain inefficiencies as the #1 world problem to solve in order to stimulate economic growth. Morpheus.Network is here to solve this issue by providing a full-service, global, automated, supply chain platform with an integrated cryptocurrency payment system utilizing blockchain technology. Learn more about Morpheus.Network.


Humm is a peer-to-peer publishing platform that re-imagine how we publish and reward good content. Think of it as fully distributed WordPress made for the writers and content creators of the future. Learn more about Humm.

Sacred Capital

Sacred Capital is building a reputation interchange aimed to serves as the economic backbone for the distributed world. Don't hesitate to go to their website to read more and watch the video: Sacred Capital.


Junto is a new breed of social media founded in the spirit of authenticity. Their goal is to move beyond the restrictive norms of current platforms and cultivate an atmosphere that free enables expression. Learn more about Junto.


Fairbnb can be summarized as a new decentralized Airbnb aimed to solve all the issues raised by the centralized version. Fairbnb is building this one in order to be smarter and fairer for the whole community. Learn more about Fairbnb.


Bridgit want to rethink the way we are making link on the internet. They call it a bridge and their intent is to add a verification layer in order to know the quality of each link. Discover now Bridgit.


Wirdpbc is a set of 4 different projects aimed to make the social interaction across the internet more intelligent.

Producers Token

Producers Token is building a platform for tokenizing and exchanging agricultural and natural resources. Producers Token works with real producers in order to evaluate tokenization opportunities. The project is currently focused on three categories of token assets: a service or a resource which is already existing, a farm under construction, an installation or an expansion that is not currently in operation. But also the tokenization of a natural resource asset for regeneration and conservation. Learn more about the project Producers Token.

Just One Organics

Just One Organics is a project who focuses on food including with revolutionary organic fruit-based products and dried flake-like vegetables. The team is studying different ways to use Holochain for their projects. Learn more about Just One Organics.

Core Network

Another great project under Holochain, the ambition of Core Network is to merge into a single social network or all current social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter... Or also Steemit and Everipedia for blockchain fans. The advantage is that you will use a single application if you prefer, in fact the other social networks will continue to exist but you will use them directly from the interface of Core Network. Learn more about Core network.

Others Decentralized Apps

You can find the current map of decentralized applications ideas to develop on the official map of holohackers.

Holochain dapps ecosystem

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