Holo/Holochain: Information & Educational Resources

Holo/Holochain: Information & Educational Resources

Holo Logos ♓

Just below there are the official logos of Holochain and HoloFuel and some nice visual representation of the Holochain idea.

Bitmap logos

Vector logos

Holo/Holochain Memes

Find here the best funny Holochain and Holo memes to have fun and share with your friends on social networks. Help us to spread the project by sharing those images and videos to the world. Holo memes

View all Holo memes

Holo Wallpapers

Here are the backgrounds wallpapers related to the Holo project. HoloFuel stone and Holonautes .

Holo Infographics ♓

Here are the infographics made by the community during a competition held in July 2019.

Congrats to the infographic contest winners! @IvanBliminse235, @andmorale, @enrichedbycode.

Kudos to @Cris_DVM, @SCmonk, @HoloIslandnews, @Albert_red and others for organizing a successful contest!

Holo Documents

Here you can find all the important documents related to Holochain and Holo Host. This section includes official documents such as white paper, green paper or the currency paper about HoloFuel. You will also find several studies conducted by various agencies or organizations.

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