Latest News & Gossips related to HOT Coin, Holo and Holochain in 2023!

Fresh News & Gossips related to HOT Coin, Holo and Holochain!

Hot Holo News in March & April 2023

The Holo team was discreet at the start of 2023 and as always the very curious community started asking a lot of questions about the progress of Holo Host, we finally had some very interesting news from CEO Mary Camacho in the March 23 press release. they works hard at Holo and Holochain!

1/ On the Holochain side, they announced the official release of the Holochain Beta 0.2.0 framework version in April, as a reminder this version contains a security system as well as an immune system as explained in the official Holochain roadmap.

2/ On the Holo Host side, they updated the roadmap to mark three milestones as completed: Invoice and payment hosting, HoloFuel counter-signature, Holo ecosystem update to Holochain Beta. In addition the alpha testnet will be reset in order to put all these changes online, the MewsFeed demo application is still available for the most curious but be aware that all data will be lost when the Testnet network is reset in April.

Hot Holo News in January & February 2023

We waited several years but it finally happened this Thursday, January 26, 2023! 🍾 The Holochain framework has moved to beta version (0.1.0). The development of the framework was long and difficult because the writing of the software in Rust and the development of the skills of the developers took time but now the framework is complete, stable, secure and powerful.

Holochain framework is now in Beta! 🍾

Hot Holo News in September and October 2022

The team is still quite discrete regarding marketing because they are still actively building many parts of the framework, so they prefer to stay focus and build silently however as community we really appreciate when we see demo of what is being built. And in the last month we enjoyed the different demos made by the ecosystem. Here the links below. Regarding the long-awaited Beta version of Holochain, we are now very close, indeed only the milestone of the immune system and warrant is to be developed from scratch and the team has specified that it is not very complicated to develop. and therefore not very long in time...

Hot Holo News in May, June and July 2022

1/ Marcus Phillips co-founder of Hack Reactor joined the Holo team to help train Holochain developers and the first Rust & Holochain immersive developer training took place in July in Austria. Get more information about this news in the Holo AMA No 51 and in the other links below.

2/ The team announced that the stable version of the Holochain Development Kit (HDK v0.1.0) is going to be released in the following days. This will allow developers to build hApps without breaking changes, is a big milestone leading to the long-awaited Beta version. Also the company applied for a second US Patent in order to protect the latest improvement made in the Quantized Gossip algorithm of the framework. Some of you may remember last year the announcement of the patent was the trigger of a masive bull run for the HOT cryptocurrency. You can also get more information in the AMA No 51 linked above.

3/ More Holochain applications are opened to the public, we now have Elemental Chat and Elemental Chess available, we tested it and we can say it's a beautiful success so big congrats to the team! Try Elemental Chat!

4/ On the pure technical side, recently the developers made a lot of changes in the Holochain framework from v0.0.144 to v0.0.151, the big changes are the split of the two different responsabilities of the framework: Integrity and coordination and that way the hApps will be more maintenable in the future. Next is the integration of Quantized Gossip and Enzymatic countersigning. You can get more information in the Holochain Dev Pulse 121 and Holochain Dev Pulse 122.

Hot Holo News in February, March and April 2022

1/ The Holochain team has released the roadmap to detail important milestones to continue developing the Holochain framework through Beta and beyond. Holochain Roadmap

2/ The Holo token has been listed on the Huobi Global exchange, this exchanger is little known in the Western world yet it is the largest exchange in the world with a very large customer base in Asia. Huobi Global announcement about the Holo token listing

3/ The Holo token has been listed on the Coinbase Custody service. This service provides access to the institutional grade secure offline storage solution that is used by the Coinbase exchange. This is the first step to listing the Holo coin on the Coinbase exchange, and it's Arthur Brock the founder of Holo himself tweeting it.

Arthur Brock's tweet about listing on Coinbase Screenshot of Arthur Brock's tweet about listing on Coinbase

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