Latest News & Gossips related to HOT Coin, Holo and Holochain in 2022!

Fresh News & Gossips related to HOT Coin, Holo and Holochain!

Hot Holo News in January 2023

We waited several years but it finally happened this Thursday, January 26, 2023! 🍾 The Holochain framework has moved to beta version (0.1.0). The development of the framework was long and difficult because the writing of the software in Rust and the development of the skills of the developers took time but now the framework is complete, stable, secure and powerful.

Holochain framework is now in Beta! 🍾

Hot Holo News in September and October 2022

The team is still quite discrete regarding marketing because they are still actively building many parts of the framework, so they prefer to stay focus and build silently however as community we really appreciate when we see demo of what is being built. And in the last month we enjoyed the different demos made by the ecosystem. Here the links below. Regarding the long-awaited Beta version of Holochain, we are now very close, indeed only the milestone of the immune system and warrant is to be developed from scratch and the team has specified that it is not very complicated to develop. and therefore not very long in time...

Hot Holo News in May, June and July 2022

1/ Marcus Phillips co-founder of Hack Reactor joined the Holo team to help train Holochain developers and the first Rust & Holochain immersive developer training took place in July in Austria. Get more information about this news in the Holo AMA No 51 and in the other links below.

2/ The team announced that the stable version of the Holochain Development Kit (HDK v0.1.0) is going to be released in the following days. This will allow developers to build hApps without breaking changes, is a big milestone leading to the long-awaited Beta version. Also the company applied for a second US Patent in order to protect the latest improvement made in the Quantized Gossip algorithm of the framework. Some of you may remember last year the announcement of the patent was the trigger of a masive bull run for the HOT cryptocurrency. You can also get more information in the AMA No 51 linked above.

3/ More Holochain applications are opened to the public, we now have Elemental Chat and Elemental Chess available, we tested it and we can say it's a beautiful success so big congrats to the team! Try Elemental Chat!

4/ On the pure technical side, recently the developers made a lot of changes in the Holochain framework from v0.0.144 to v0.0.151, the big changes are the split of the two different responsabilities of the framework: Integrity and coordination and that way the hApps will be more maintenable in the future. Next is the integration of Quantized Gossip and Enzymatic countersigning. You can get more information in the Holochain Dev Pulse 121 and Holochain Dev Pulse 122.

Hot Holo News in February, March and April 2022

1/ The Holochain team has released the roadmap to detail important milestones to continue developing the Holochain framework through Beta and beyond. Holochain Roadmap

2/ The Holo token has been listed on the Huobi Global exchange, this exchanger is little known in the Western world yet it is the largest exchange in the world with a very large customer base in Asia. Huobi Global announcement about the Holo token listing

3/ The Holo token has been listed on the Coinbase Custody service. This service provides access to the institutional grade secure offline storage solution that is used by the Coinbase exchange. This is the first step to listing the Holo coin on the Coinbase exchange, and it's Arthur Brock the founder of Holo himself tweeting it.

Arthur Brock's tweet about listing on Coinbase Screenshot of Arthur Brock's tweet about listing on Coinbase

Hot Holo News in November and December 2021

December: The most important application of the Holo Network is ready, we had the opportunity to test it and we can say it's awesome! The HoloFuel hApp should be publicly available in the following weeks. We believe this milestone will help a lot to spread the awareness about the Holo project. People will for the first time discover a new way of doing financial transactions in a peer-to-peer manner without the expensive and limiting universal consensus that blockchain uses. Yes Holochain is the evolution of the blockchain.

HoloFuel hApp screenshot HoloFuel hApp screenshot

November: The public test of Elemental chat is now concluded and more than 5000 people had the opportunity to experience p2p distributed chat with a similar experience than a centralized one. A full report of the test has been released by Holo. Find it in the links below.

Elemental Chat hApp screenshot Elemental Chat hApp screenshot

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Hot Holo News in July 2021

To best summarize this second quarter of 2021 we can say: concretization, in fact for a few weeks the Holo host network which makes it possible to operate the hApps accessible by everyone via a web browser developed on the Holochain framework is now on the way to more over a hundred HoloPorts around the world. To be more precise, three Holo networks have even been launched: alphaNet for stable functionalities, flexNet for functionalities in the final validation phase and devNet to allow the Holo team to test its new functionalities in progress of development. You too are invited to try Holo by registering in the link below.

In addition, HoloPorts owners can participate in the program called HoloPort Alpha Program and thus be paid in HoloFuel for this alpha phase.

As announced during the last AMA carried out on YouTube on July 15, 2021, the next highly anticipated feature is sharding and in the words of Eric Harris-Braun it's coming very soon, we can hope that the development will be finished at the end of July and tested during the month of August and thus the network will be able to meet the need for scalability and thus the opening of the network to the whole world in September. But as you know with Holo only time will tell.

At the ecosystem level, a very ambitious project called HoloSail Technologies INC is revealed during a live interview with Johnny Stang. Find out more information about this project:

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Hot Holo News in March 2021

Again this month the Holochain project has been very active and a lot of people have noticed it which has had a rather intense effect on the price of the Holo Token (HOT). The big news was the announcement of the US patent granted to Holo for its DHT architecture called rrDHT. In addition several articles have been published on the official Holochain blog, we recommend the article explaining how rrDHT works which will allow you to understand in more detail this patented technical innovation. In addition, we particularly recommend the article presenting the open-source Syn library for creating collaborative applications based on Holochain.

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Holo news in January and February 2021

On January 5 2021 the Holochain technology was mentionned in a post from European Union written by a top ranked lawyer Richard Kemp. In his post Richard Kemp predict that 2021 will be the rise of the distributed web made possible by a framework such as Holochain, you can find the link below.

February 10, 2021 was a milestone in the history of Project Holo. After waiting so long, after having worked so hard for 2 years without revealing anything, the team has finally installed its first HoloPorts application on all HoloPorts. The fully distributed application network is now live and hosts the application called Elemental Chat which allows the team to monitor behavior in order to make final adjustments before launching the two key network services: the Host Console application and the Publisher Portal application. Everyone will finally have proof that the Holochain architecture is fully functional, robust and scalable. This proof of concept will allow the most skeptical to change their minds and motivate the undecided and then revitalize the people who have been following the project for several years. It's a great time, if you are new and barely know the project, we welcome you, you come at the right time, we will finally be able to use and enjoy the use of decentralized applications with a comparable experience to the current centralized web.

Holo-Host release annoucement Holo-Host release annoucement Elemental chat proof of concept Elemental chat proof of concept

Holochain News in December 2020

At the end of the year the development team of the Holochain and Holo Host project has done their utmost to deliver the long-awaited decentralized and distributed elemental-chat application which serves as a proof of concept for its innovative Holochain technology which performs data consistency. eventually and without a central server. On December 21, 2020, the team shared their test results of the closed alpha app and said they were happy with how it worked while announcing the opening to the community of Holo Port owners. The team will now continue to build their application hosting infrastructure while continuing to test the large-scale internet chat application with all HoloPorts. The end of 2020 is really a great accomplishment for the project, it is the fruit of 3 years of work to develop a Holochain framework in two disposable prototypes (Holochain Go and Holochain Rust) in order to arrive at an incremental prototype. and stable called Holochain RSM. Happy New Year's Eve to you dear readers.

Elemental chat proof of concept Elemental chat proof of concept

Holochain News in October and November 2020

In October 2020, the Holo project updated its roadmap in order to present its next steps to reach the online launch of HoloFuel, which will be the currency of the network. You can find our analysis of the updated roadmap below. In addition, the team is increasing its presence on social networks such as YouTube and Twitter with more and more publications, we encourage you to follow the project on these networks via the links below and to interact in order to contribute to the dynamism too. and publicize the project. It's your turn to participate, especially if you are a HoloFuel holder. And to finish new videos have been added to our Holochain videos section.

Holochain News in August and September 2020

During these two months the Holo project has been fairly low key, the Holo team and the community continued to test HoloFuel on the closed alpha version. Time passes but the results are still pending. Fortunately this may change because in parallel the Holochain team has been working discreetly on big changes in the heart of the Holochain framework, we learned at the end of September the release of the new version called Holochain RSR (Refactored State Model) with several very detailed articles shared on Medium and on the official Blog. This new version is simpler thanks to refactoring and more efficient thanks to Wasmer and other changes (up to 2000× performance increases, 40× less memory usage, 2500× less network chatter, and faster compile times). It was all very well received by the community and it gave back a breath of life and great hope for the future of Holo. But that's not all, you will find other important news in the links below.

Holochain News in June and July 2020

Today we are doing an article to talk about the latest news of this summer 2020, so this article covers the months of May, June and July 2020. In recent months the co-founder of Holochain Arthur Brock participated in several podcasts to present the technology Holochain as a better alternative to blockchain. You can find the links of the podcasts here. At the technical level, the good news arrived in July since the developers finally managed to overcome the technical difficulties. HoloFuel hApp now works perfectly with 495 nodes. See the stress test. As a result, a special HoloFuel AMA helped deliver the good news, that is, the long-awaited opening of the network to the community. Following this, investors seem to have received the information well since the price of HoloTokens increased sharply and therefore finally broke this long downward trend. You can see here our technical analysis regarding the price prediction of the HOT price. Good to see that Holo is also taking advantage of this altseason, summer is HOT!

Holochain News in April 2020

The Holochain team is still working hard to push the network into the staging environment where the HoloPort owners will be able to start to earn the TestFuel currency by hosting various Holochain apps. The task is not easy, they encountered many bugs during the internal testing but most of them are now fixed and you can see below the HoloFuel hApps is now perfectly working with 360 nodes (see below the stress test for more informations). We hope to see opening in the following days!! Other than that we can notice the ecosystem is growing and it results in many opensource modules available on Github in order to help developers to reuse the most common part of the system instead of rebuilding from scratch for each new hApp. Also a very very interesting tool called Holochain Playground has been built by Guillem Córdoba, a Holochain app developer and community organiser from Barcelona. At the same time another team is working to build the new RAD tools called Holochain IDE App Builder and you can see below screenshot of this very promising tool. We can't wait to test it! You can also find below a very interesting new partnership with Terran Collective. Another interesting stuff to share with you: The team released the Dev Pulse 67, 68 and 69. Cheers!

Holochain IDE App Builder Holochain IDE App Builder

Holochain Playground Holochain Playground

Holo-Host Stress Test HoloFuel Stress Test

HoloPort Setup HoloPort setup

Holochain News in February 2020

During the Holo AMA No. 35 the team shared the updated roadmap for this new year 2020. The team is almost ready to open the HP Admin to the holoport owner and few weeks later we are going to see the opening of the happs to the regular internet users. Other than that many features have been talked like the RAD which means "Rapid development tools" for giving to the developers the perfect tool to start a new hApps from scratch in one command line. One another very important feature for improving the DX "developer experience" is the Wasmer which will make the build timer faster. Basically many very interesting features are on this updated roadmap and we can't wait to see those features arriving in the following months. Feel free to check the roadmap in detail below.

Holo project roadmap for 2020

Holochain News in January 2020

At the beginning of January 2020, 1500 HoloPorts were sent around the world and as of January 15, around 500 are now installed and connected to the Holo network. In a few days when all the HoloPorts will be connected then the company will open access to hApps which are the decentralized Holochain applications and we will witness a historic moment since for the first time the first users will be able to communicate with each other using these decentralized applications. You can watch below the video of one of the first hApps available and developped by Holo. In order to understand a bit more the architecture of Holochain we also suggest you to watch the second video which is a record of the Paris peer-2-peer festival which happened on January 10th.

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