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Holochain News in July 2019

This month an important event took place in Australia. The Meetup was aimed to do the world first Holoport demo to public. Philip Beadle, a member of the Holochain Core development team shown two official hApps already build: Identity Management and Holochain Messenger. You will find below the official video of the event.

Holoport world first demo

Holochain News in June 2019

The Holo team is still working on the closed alpha version of the Holochain framework in order to solve the scalability and decided to redevelop the networking brick under Rust. To conclude on the technical aspect, currently the open alpha version is getting closer day by day and will certainly be available in the summer. This phase will allow everyone to see and test the distributed applications built under Holochain.

From the business point of view a good news has just arrived since NextBlockGroup the company that announced a few months ago its partnership aimed to promote the use of Holochain in business. And finally NextBlockGroup has just published a document called The (re)Distributive Enterprise Litepaper Or you can dowload directly the litepaper pdf.

Holochain News in April and May 2019

In May 23th, Holochain participated to the Malta Blockchain Summit and won one interesting award called "Disrupter of the Year". This prize bring visibility and allows Holochain to be recognized as a new promising technology.

Holo has been added on a new famous wallet called Crypto.com and new interesting project called Orion Protocol have declared publicly that they are building an atomic swap on Holochain. In addition to that Arthur Brock, one of the founder published a new article in order to explain the current progress of the Holo project.

Holochain News in January and February 2019

In January and February 2019 many new exchanges have listed Holo Token on their platform, this is good news for adoption. For instance, on Binance you can now buy and sell Holo coin against 4 different pairs. On Bitrue it’s the same, it’s tradable against 4 different pairs. But that’s not all, Holo Coin is now available on Godex IO and Metamorph Pro, a well-designed decentralized exchange.

Holochain News in 2018

At the end of 2018 the rating agency Weiss Ratings analyzed hundreds of projects around the cryptocurrency and Holochain came out in the top 3 of the agency's ranking. Weiss Ratings goes even further by predicting that this project will rise to the top 10 rank by market capitalization. This agency is very famous in the world of finance and blockchain and this has triggered a wave of articles from well-known sites such as Hacked.com or even Nasdaq.com! Find all the links below. All this is very positive for the future and we think that the good news will continue for the year 2019.